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Sinusitis is a very common inflammatory condition of the tissue lining the sinuses, Normally sinuses are filled with air, but when infected they become blocked and filled with fluid.
- Bacterial or Viral infection
- Allergic rhinitis
- Common cold
- Nasal polyp
- Air pollution
- Deviated septum
Sign and symptoms :
- Headache and facial pain, which is dull and constant aggravation on bending and lying down
- Dizziness
- Post nasal drip
- Halitosis
- Thick nasal mucous
- Plugged nose
- Pain in the face.
- Fever
- Poor sense of smell
- Sore throat
- Cough which is often worse at night.
Types :
- Maxillary sinusitis can cause pain or pressure in the maxillary (cheek) area
- Frontal sinusitis can cause pain that is located above eyes
- Ethmoidal sinusitis can cause pain or pressure pain between/behind the eyes, the sides of the upper part of the nose
Sphenoidal sinusitis can cause pain or pressure behind the eyes, but often refers to the skull vertex (top of the head), over the mastoid processes, or the back of the head.
Homoeopathic treatment :
Homeopathy is the holistic systems of medicine. The selection of remedy is based upon the individualization and symptoms similarity. The aim of homeopathy is not just to treat disease by its name but to address its underlying cause and individual susceptibility. Homeopathic treatment treats the disease at the root level, hence enhancing the resistance power / immunity which helps in removing the underlining susceptibility and bring out the cure. We have developed a unique way of prescribing to bring quick and safe results through homoeopathy.