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Dr. Nikhil Juneja [ B.H.M.S. ; M.D.(Hom); P.G. (Hom.)London. ]

Dr. Nikhil Juneja (Son of Dr. Kulbhushan Juneja) is a young and a dynamic homoeopath, who has been studying homoeopathy keenly from many years.

  • Dr. Nikhil has done his BHMS from Punjab where he was a university and academic topper.
  • He is a post - graduate in Homoeopathy from Hahnemann College of Homoeopathy , LONDON
  • He is M.D. in Homoeopathic medicine from Ludhiana Punjab.
  • He has a vision to bring homoeopathy close to mainstream medicine and make it the first choice of treatment amongst people.
  • His mission is to enrich the potential of homoeopathy through newer researches and develop the best standard in homeopathic practice and make them available to the patients all over the globe.

Dr. Kulbhushan Juneja [ D.H.M.S. (Punjab), M.D.(A.M.) ]

Our aim is to provide the quality + experience based treatment for the uprooting the ailments in shortest possible time.

Homeopathic system of medicine is known to cure diseases completely from the root. Dr. Bhushan believes that in the modern era time is a precious commodity due to our busy lifestyle. Hence he has developed his unique way of prescribing to relieve the patients of there sufferings in the shortest possible time with his quality and experience based treatment.

  • Dr. kulbhushan juneja is a well acclaimed leading and a renowned homoeopath practitioner in Bathinda (Punjab).
  • Dr. Bhushan is having a clinical experience of over 35 years. And he has treated lakh’s of patients, having a daily OPD of 100 to 150 patients .
  • He is treating patients not just in India but also from abroad. Dr. Bhushan has treated patients from more than 10 countries.
  • Over the years he has worked clinically on different diseases and there clinically effective homoeopathic treatment.
  • Dr. Bhushan belongs to family of Homoeopaths, his father, brother, his wife and son belong to homoeopathic community.
  • He is a registered panel doctor of many national companies like Abuja cement, national fertilizer limited, all India radio, Indian post office etc.
  • Dr. Bhushan is a regular contributor of articles in the national leading journals.
  • Dr. Bhushan has also done research work on the rare medicine luffa operculata. This research is been published in various national and international journals of India and Hungary.
  • He practices at Dr.Bhushan’s Homoeopathy ( a renowned clinic of the region) situated at kanwal cinema road, opp railway station, bathinda (Punjab) India.
  • His sincere effort in the field is acknowledged by the fruitful results in his practice.

Dr. Renu Juneja [ D.H.M.S. (Punjab) ]

Dr Renu Juneja ( Wife of Dr Kulbhushan Juneja) , she joined Dr Bhushan’s homoeopathy in 1982. She has a good experience in treating female diseases. She has even contributes article in national journals. She has been working constantly in improving the quality of prescribing to bring out best results. This clinic due to the well wishes of patrons and patients has won good faith in this region for remarkable success in treating with Homoeopathic Medicines.