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SEBACEOUS CYST A sebaceous cyst is a smooth lump that develops under the skin due to inflammation of a hair follicle. It consists of a sac filled with dead skin cells and sebum, the oily secretion of the sebaceous glands that open into the hair follicle. Some cysts have a dark, central pore.
Sebaceous cysts commonly occur on the scalp, face, trunk, and genitals but may appear on any part of the body. Although harmless, the cyst occasionally grows large. A sebaceous cyst that is infected by bacteria may become inflamed and painful and may eventually burst
Mrs. Ram Rani Age35year was suffering sebaceous cyst since one year. Cyst was on the
Left scapular region, inflammation of the sebaceous gland, with mild pain. Lack of appetite. Sour eructation after eating. Menses profuse and copious. Leucorrhoea milky and acrid during urination. Patient was chilly. On Dt.14.012.05. She was given SILECEA 1M one dose with saclac and told her to report me after one week. After one week she was feeling much better, cyst was burst, discharge came out. Again she was given saclac for week. The patient was cured within fifteen days