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Sarcoidosis Cured with Homoepathy

Sarcoidosis Cured with Homoepathy
R. No.- 14136, DOR- 22-06-2009, Name- S P, Female- 56 Years, Married, Hindu, Occupation- House wife, Built- Obese, Income Group- Middle class, Diagnosis- Sarcoidosis with uveitis, arthritis with pulmonary manifestations, Prominent Miasm- Sycosis, Result- Cured.
Clinical picture-
Complaints started with uveitis 10 years ago. Tinnitus, ringing in ears < nights, dry eyes, Burning pains with numbness with varicose veins in both lower limbs. HTN. Extremely sensitive temperament. Loose stools twice or thrice a day for two years. Hot patient.
Past History-
Rheumatic fever at 12 years of age.
Family History-
Not marked.
PFT – moderately restricted pattern. ACE- 107.3 (27-05-2009). Chest x ray- (13-09-2008) Normal. CT thorax- 25-08-2005- mediastinal and hilar lympharenopathy. BP- 150/90. SPO2- 99%. TLC- 12650, ESR- 30.
Homoeopathic Treatment-
First prescription- 22-09-2009
Pulsatilla 200 Stat, SL TDS
Second Prescription- 09-10-2009
Pains better. Cough and eye complaints <. Beryllium met 30 TDS
Third Prescription-05-02-2010
Much Better. Almost asymptomatic. ACE Normal.
ACE- 20-01-2010 ---- 19 U/L (Normal Range- 08- 65 U/L). CST.
Complete cure of Sarcoidosis with Homoeopathy.