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The right way of homoeopathic treatment.
Pimple or Acne is a small red pustule.In medical language, the pimple is called acne.
Pimples are chronic inflammatory disease of the sebaceous gland. The most common symptoms are oiliness and greasiness of skin.The pimples can be mild, with only a few lesions or moderately severe with great inflammatory or very severe, producing disfigurement of the skin.It may involve any hair bearing areas of the body, but the face, shoulders, back and chest are commonly involved probably because these areas have the maximum number of sebaceous glands.
There are various types of acne. The most common form is acne vulgaris.The condition is triggered by hormonal changes at puberty.With the onset of puberty, there is increase in the size of the sebaceous gland ,with concomitant increase in the amount of the sebum.
There are several reasons. Let’s look at them one by one.
CLOGGING OF PORES: When the sebaceous glands produce extra sebum, clogging may occur, leading to acne. If the sebum remains clogged in the follicle opening,it hardens and becomes dark, forming small plugs called blackheads. In some cases, hair follicles are sealed by an excess of keratin, the tough, fibrous protein that is produced by the skin cell.When this happens, the trapped sebum hardens into small white lumps, called white heads, under the surface of the skin.
Acne that starts at puberty is thought to be the result of oversensitivity to an androgen (male sex hormones), which are present in both boys and girls. Androgens cause the sebaceous glands to enlarge and increase their output of sebum
GENETIC FACTORS: Disposition to pimples is probably inherited in a large number of families.
CLIMATE: Increasing exposure to sunlight and over sweating usually increases the pimples.
AIR POLLUTION: Outdoor pollutants like car exhausts and industrial fumes or indoor pollution like dust and cigarette smoke can be the cause. When these pollutants get mixed with the oily layer on your skin, you may get new pimples.
STRESS: Acne may become worse in time of stress.It is quite common for students, especially girls to say that their pimples worsen just before and during examinations.
BAD EATING HABIT: It`s often said that bad eating habits can result in acne.It is commonly believed that certain foods may exacerbate acne. Choclates, nuts,fast food,
Cola drinks,fried foods,high fat and carbohydrates.
DANDRUFF: Dandruff may also result in pimples on the forehead,chin,nose,back.You need to treat dandruff with good shampoo to clear your face.
MAKEUP: Don’t forget to remove makeup with cleansers.
COSMETICS: Foundation creams, moisturizers, greasy oily cosmetics preparations definitely make the acne worse. The reason is very simple. In acne, patient skin is already very oily and greasy and the use of oily cosmetics will make it worse.
TOPICAL AGENTS: Some popular brand and add products on the T.V, for treatment of pimples may contain acnegenic substances which may cause the pimples worse. Some hair oil or herbal preparation may aggravate the acne
SELF-HELP: Following these simple self- help measure may help clear up acne and prevent further reoccurrence.
1.Do not pick or squeeze your pimples and skin.If not tampered with, most of these pimples will become.absorbed and will disappear by themselves. 2. Wash your face twice a day with warm,but not hot water and mild cleanser.
3. Do not eat foods which from your own experience, you know will make acne worse.
4. Do not apply any greasy cosmetics such as cold creams.
5. Shampoo your hair as often as necessary to eliminate the grease and dandruff.
6. Oiling the hair will aggravate your pimples.
7. Try to control constipation.The best way is by diet of fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink plenty of water.
8. Get enough sleep.Late hours night watching,make acne worse.
9 .Do exercise,preferably in the open air.
10. Learn to relax. In your spare time get absorbed with your hobbies.
11. Acne responds slowly to the medicine treatment .It does not respond immediately and best result will come with in a four to six weeks time. Do only one treatment at a time.
Homoeopathic physician treats the patient not the disease.Acne is not the external problem of the face. But the disorder is lying inside the body. Homoeopathic medicines are selected on the totality of symptoms of the body.These medicines helps in the permanent eradication of pimples and their scars also.